10 on 10, February 2013

Coffee next to my hubs.
Morning play time. (Sunday is a no video game day here.)
Look who got dressed today, ME. 
Hubs is impressed. 
(girlie and I have been sick.)
Brunch is ready courtesy of the girls in the house.
Shower time.
Side braid for girlie.
Big Mister getting himself ready to leave.
My family crossing the street.
(the big mister and I went first.)
Waiting on our late lunch. Pizza; bacon ricotta while watching the IU vs. Ohio State game.
Home. Oldest and youngest snuggle time...Big brothers and little brothers are pretty awesome.
(my favorite one.)

Soon, the kids will need to finish their homework and
 I'll probably need to cook a little something for dinner.
Hope you had a good day!



  1. What a pretty braid...nice set of pictures!

  2. I am impressed with your day - everyone dressed, fancy hair done and guys rock. I'm feeling like a total slacker having a nearly completely housebound day. Your set is completely adorable. happy 10 on 10

  3. What a lovely day. I'm glad you and girlie are feeling better. PS, I LOVE her boots.

  4. Looks like a wonderful day...I'm glad you are feeling better. No video games days are the best (we've been trying to limit all electronics...including my phone!). Love girlie's braid :)

  5. My Honey has those socks and loves them- REI, I think.
    Super cute sweater and braid!
    Berries look yummy :)
    Awwww, brother love, so sweet.
    What a great day!

  6. lol it's always a BIG thing when i get dressed too! thanks for sharing your day



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