Looking back at Park City~

I love to ski. We all do. Here are some of the skiing memories made while in Park City, Utah 2012.
Park City, Utah
The Canyons
The winter fun started here at Park City for a few days as we were on our 
Christmas holiday from school. The memory I don't want to forget...
The day we arrived in Park City the 3 youngest and I were studying the trail map really 
getting excited about the skiing we were going to do. 
I had already mostly decided our youngest wouldn't go to ski school 
(in fact I had promised him he wouldn't) 
and I knew that meant I would be taking him under my wing this trip although in the back of my mind I was okay with the idea of getting a private lesson for him while I stayed by his side if need be.
We all decided what runs we wanted to do and headed out on our first day of skiing really excited 
as the snow was lightly falling and the crowds weren't unbearable.
We did the usual High Meadows lift to start and everyone made it down
 The Meadows without any problems at all.
(our middle son had to ski half of it backwards to make it more fun and challenging while our oldest stayed by our youngest ones side to make sure he really knew what he was doing. He did.)
In fact it was super easy and we all decided after that first run to head right on over to the easy blues.
All four of our sweeties skiing The Meadows
We got off of the lift, went down the first little hill and verged to the left 
ready to do a blue run; snow dancer. 
But as we stood at the top of that next hill the youngest mister froze. 
He cried. He didn't want to do it. 
He in fact said, "I never want to ski again."
I've been that scared on a mountain before. 
And I knew in my heart from past ski trips that our youngest really really loves to ski.
He thought however, that we were at the top of Ninety-Nine-90
the run he had said he wanted to do first.
(expert terrain; double black diamonds and a couple of black)
The run(s) that I don't doubt he will do at some point in his lifetime however, far from this ski trip!
I put him between my legs and with him holding on for dear life to each of my legs I took him down the first and second hill reassuring him that this wasn't ninety-nine-90 all the while our oldest was also giving him encouragement every step of the way.
(hubs and the middle two went on to do their own thing.)
By the next straight away I talked him into letting go of my legs and skiing 
on over to his oldest brother. 
Skiing to brother~
By the middle of the day we were
 doing runs together that I was afraid of my first year at the Canyons...
Top of Echo~
Greeting the moose in front of the lodge at the end of the day~
Resting 'at the beach' before we headed in for the day~
I was so proud of him. He let go of his fears. He conquered the mountain. 
He and I did it together and I will never forget that satisfaction we felt at the end of the day.
We had a great time together that night as a family talking about his and our time out 
on the mountain. I remember hubs saying something to the effect of I can't believe you stayed
 with it all day with the mister. "I really love to ski." I replied with a smile. 

By the second day (and our last before we headed on to Breckenridge.) we were able to do the runs together in the morning as a family. We ate lunch together and then split up. Just the mister and I with our oldest for a few runs and then the mister and I were on our own again to end the day...
 I caught up to our middle one maybe once or twice to get a picture. He and hubs 
were usually paired together with miss closely behind or ahead depending on the run.
Our youngest following our oldest down Boomer~
The boys behind me~ 
Spider Monkey

Park City, Utah... We will be back!!
As we left the resort and started our 7 hour drive to Breckenridge
 we saw our time share
had just finished building condos on The Canyons property.
We thought about stopping to take a peek but then decided we really needed to keep
driving to make it to Breckenridge.
We will be back many many more times to make more memories though and can't wait to
see the new condos.


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