Christmas 2012 (part one)

 The Christmas memories from 2012 just a few weeks after Christmas... ;)

I've finally gotten back in the 'routine' of life. The beds are getting made more and more frequently. The homework signatures are happening on a daily basis for first grade girlie and weekly for 5th grade middle mister. (a sure sign that I'm back in the groove and so are the kids!) AND I'm on top of the laundry. (for a few hours, ha!)

Our Christmas:
The Saturday before Christmas we celebrated at Nana and Papaw's house.
The kids were a bit excited... 
Our oldest. 
Shake, shake, shake.
An excited squeeze shared between brothers.
My nephews.

The Dining Room Table
 We had lunch first with most of the kids too excited almost to eat our traditional meal
of Ham, Hash brown potatoes, Corn Casserole, (or is it creamed corn?)
 Green beans, 7 Layer Salad and Rolls.
The adult table this year also included the oldest and the littlest grandsons'.
I had the pleasure of sitting next to the littlest who is almost 2 and was quickly 
reminded just how busy a toddler is.
The Christmas Mantle
The 'kid' table was in the kitchen with our big mister shedding a few tears before the meal time prayer because, "Nana said I can't sit at the bar for lunch." Of course Nana quickly remedied that and told the mister he could sit anywhere he wanted. He chose the bar in the kitchen with a smile. 
Cousins (missing the three not there.)
As soon as lunch was done and before we even gave cleaning the kitchen a thought the kids were ready to tear into the gifts... Right after the traditional photo in front of the tree. 
Oldest to youngest I believe was the gift opening order with the memorable gifts being:
Mary Poppins movie for our oldest.
The latest Star Wars video game for our middle son.
A new Baby Alive doll for girlie.
An Angry Birds Hot Wheels race track for the mister.

Then Christmas Eve morning:
We had a family breakfast (including our oldest sons friend who had spent the night prior helping our oldest set up the drum set our middle son would be getting Christmas morn.)
 Girlie made the pancakes following the recipe all by herself and was feeling proud 
while I made 2 packages of bacon.
After I came back from driving our oldest sons friend home 
(after a quick stop by the bakery to get our Christmas eve birthday cake 
and our Chirstmas day goodies.) 
we exchanged the family gifts. 
The kids did great this year shopping and picking super nice gifts for me, hubs and each other.
 I think the kids were most excited to see Daddy open the
gifts they bought for him...

His first Colt's jersey from our middle son, a hunting seat warmer from girlie, (she giggled and giggled as he opened it!) a knife sharpener from our oldest and a ski shirt from our mister.

That evening we had our 'Happy Birthday Jesus' dinner with Nana and Papaw.
As girlie and I set the table she declared, "it looks like a table for royalty as we added our new crystal glasses. (I found this summer while in Hilton Head at T.J. Maxx.)
We ate and each person individually opened their ornament that was placed in front of their plate. 
In years past we each had gotten a Hallmark ornament however, 
this year I found the cutest Old World Christmas ornaments.

The ornament run down:
Nana (the cutest) stack of pancakes with syrup dripping down.
Papaw a box of popcorn.
Hubs a football designating his first year of coaching. (our middle son)
Our oldest a football designating his great year of playing and helping coach his brothers team.
Our middle son a baseball. (his favorite sport up until I think this football season.)
Girlie ice skates. (she loves her weekly figure skating class.)
And a hockey puck for the mister. (as he has so enjoyed weekly hockey this winter.)
Oh, and we can't forget a NYC ornament for me. :))

We enjoyed singing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus, ate our peppermint angle food cake and then 
 it was off to bed for the kids so Santa could come.

Happy Birthday Jesus hand written by girlie; I love seven year old penmanship!
And Santa came while the littles were sleeping but while our oldest was still awake.
A first.

A merry merry Christmas.



  1. That sounds like a wonderful Christmas celebration. I love all of your traditions and how you celebrate together. And the two packs of bacon...sounds like our family :)

  2. What great memories! Seems like Christmas was just yesterday...yet SOOO long ago! It's hard getting back on schedule, still after such a long break! I'm not quite sure I feel caught up yet! I love your traditions too! Sounds wonderful! I love the holidays!



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