Breck; 2013.

This past Christmas Holiday we duplicated our Spring Break from a couple of years ago now... We flew in first to Park City, Utah to ski at The Canyons for a few days and then we drove the seven hours to Breckenridge. We find this helps with acclimation to the altitude sickness; The Canyons highest point is 9,990 with Breckenridge's elevation topping out at 12,998. This year I was the only one with very mild altitude sickness for the first 2 days in Colorado. Success!

The chandelier and cocoa at Good Thymes Bistro before we left Park City
Hubs did the driving and I did the navigating while the kids played on their electronics. ;)
We made it to Breckenridge late, unloaded and I could barely
 sleep knowing the sunrise over the mountain would be glorious the next morning~
The sunrise didn't disappoint~
Breckenridge. Up until this past ski trip we referred to Breck as our family favorite skiing destination. However, it has fallen to our second favorite for two reasons; the trails at the Canyons are more fun (and seriously more challenging) and the food in Park City can't be beat. We still LOVE Breckenridge and here are our favorites:
The lodge. Our first time we came to Breckenridge we stayed in a Hilton property on peak 8 that we have a time share through. On that trip one afternoon hubs and our oldest went exploring by car to find this resort (Crystal Peak) at the top of Peak 7; our most favorite mountain to ski in Breckenridge. We've stayed here every trip after that and love love love the location.
 Getting out early enough to ski the corduroy and feeling completely alone on the mountain is awesome... because Breckenridge is so spread out you can easily find areas anytime and feel like you're the only one on the mountain.
 The room for expansion...Breckenridge is expanding and opening up the mountain just above our oldest sons head. We are excited for that new area to explore and can't wait for Peak 6.
 The views. (I see the moon.)
 Being able to look back up the mountain to see what you've accomplished is a great reward as you're going throughout your day. I find Breckenridge has the most possibilities to do this.
 Fresh powder.
 Trail through the trees. (a lot of people ski the trees in Breck.)
 Alone time on the mountain.
 Feeling on top of the world.
 Moguls. (girlies favorite!)

And the views. It's just gorgeous.

I am thankful we have been able to enjoy two wonderful places to ski out west. Our closet ski resort to home that we enjoy is Boyne Mountain. It's quaint. We took the kids over President's weekend. Those pictures and memories are here...

(if you missed the Park City pics you can find those here!)


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