10 on 10, January 2013

10 photo's over 10 hours capturing today's beauty...
a link up
(if it helps: the beds didn't get made today, I had to run a forgotten item to hubs at work, the kids argued in the car after school, dinner was a new recipe that only 1/4th of the family liked... that's the short list!)

On to the beauty:

OH, the 5 year old big mister.
It use to make me proud when the baby of the family was big enough to bring himself to
the couch in the middle of the night instead of sleeping with hubs and I.
Now when I wake and find him on the couch I'm a bit sad.


Hershey. His dog collar is needing a new battery. So to the half snowy half muddy back yard on the lead for him this morning~
Perhaps I'll get to the store soon to buy a new battery. 


Washing the dishes and listening to the geese.


Breakfast/Lunch. I LOVE leftovers with a strong cup of coffee.
(beef and barley soup)


Straightening the front door shoes as the contractor (bathroom remodel)
is coming in and out... I don't want him to trip.

Snack with a little Sponge Bob. It's a jammie day for the mister!

Leaving the house on this rainy cozy day~

After school chocolate stop as requested by our 15 year old...

Dinner is simmering while I leave for a tiny bit of me time.

And time to wind down for the night.
(it's been a long first week back to school after the Holiday's; looking forward to Friday!!)

Off to put the clean sheets on the misters bed!



  1. I was going to say that the chocolate should make the day better, but it isn't for you. :( I hope you have a quick Friday and everyone settles back into their routine soon.

  2. thanks for sharing, in a way it's nice to see that others don't have a "Perfect" day! thanks for being real =0) hope you have a better Friday

  3. The beef and barley soup sounds yummy! The first week back to school and the routine has been long for me, too! Thankful for the upcoming weekend!

  4. I am big on left overs, too. And your rear-view shot is fun. Loved looking through your day!


  5. I agree, it does go by so fast. He looks so sweet and cozy there.
    Pup with snow- awesome.
    Geese to admire while you do dishes? How wonderful is that!? Totally great view.
    Beautiful photos.

  6. I still am a little sad at how fast the kids grow was sweet when Emily woke up in the middle of the night, we could hear her door open and close and her footsteps down the hall before she climbed into our bed :-) But Ellie is literally following in her footsteps already! ;-)
    We've had leftover chili all week! Love soup this time of year! We gave up on Skipper's collar a long time ago...he's getting so old, he's pretty good about staying in the yard...except for the UPS trucks that go by! But he always comes back! ;-)
    I love the chalkboard above the stove and the menu! Oh how I need to menu plan!
    I'm glad it's almost the weekend too! We are slowly getting back into the groove! It really took a lot out of me this time...I've been so tired! Hope it's a relaxing weekend for you!

  7. What a beautiful and inspiring set you did!
    Lovely family!!! Stuning pictures!

    Kisses and blessings.
    (from Brazil - also participating!)

  8. Love the set - and only 1/4 Of the family liking the new dinner has to be fun. I remember my mom trying new recipes and not always being very receptive to them, probably should have been nicer because I have a feeling that will come back to me when my daughter is older!

  9. Your pictures are striking as usual. I just adore the light that your home peaceful. I said this to the other Kelli too that with good friends so far away I enjoy having a little peek into your day...kind of feels like I'm there.

  10. I really like your menu board and I REALLY like the lamp in your first photo. There was a similar one in our house when it was for sale and we first saw it and I tried to get them to leave it but they didn't. :) Bummer.

    I need to get my ten on ten post up. I also like how you did the disclaimer at the beginning. :)

  11. I love the knitted cozy around the candle!



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