Right now.

2 1/2 weeks until Christmas and it feels like longer than that...
Our 10 year old was home sick for a portion of last week and is now done with his make up work.
Thankful for hubs and his homework help especially as I've had the sickness this week.
Every day I think surely it's going to be the last.
Hubs says two weeks is what he's seeing with his patients...
Hopefully, we won't have any more sick kiddos between now and Christmas.
The kids will be in school until right up to the very last Friday before Christmas.
(that's a lot of germ exposure.) ;)

I'm needing:
stocking stuffers
a family photo
cards ready to mail
and a lot of gifts for our 2 oldest...

And right now I don't want to forget how our oldest peeked at me during bed time prayers and we shared a grin as our littlest mister opened his prayer with,
"thank you God, that mom made quiche tonight..."



  1. I love when Rondell helps with homework...he explains things so much better than I do. I'm glad your guy is feeling better and hope you kick the sickness soon. Yay for quiche...yum! I still need stocking stuffers, to mail cards and make some gifts. My mom and I will occasionally look at each other and say "we don't have much time."

  2. There never seems to be enough time! It's harder to shop for the kids as they get older...Alex always hopes for a laptop or iPad! ;-) Emily only wants a zuca skate bag :-) I have nothing for Elizabeth...she's actually the hardest, she has everything from the other two already! I love hearing the kids prayers, so sweet! Hope everyone's better too! Dan and I have it now, hoping the kids don't catch it!



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