Park City, Utah ski trip. 2012

Girlie and I were the first two awake this morning early by Park City time... I looked though our pictures I took while here for the past two days of skiing and thought through the memories. Such a fun short trip! The highlights:
-The first day we stayed together as a family for the first 'easy' warm up run. (High Meadow) We moved on to the next level of blue (Snow Dancer) and the big mister (five) had a freak out session at the top of the hill. I sent hubs and our 2 middles on down while I took him between my skis and skied him down the first two hills all the while our oldest was encouraging him to let go of my legs and ski on over to him. By the middle of the run he did and I made a game of it telling the big mister to look at the choo-choo tracks he was making and to keep it up! By day two Snow Dancer was 'boring and too easy' for the mister!
-As we came together for a pizza dinner after the first night and recalled our memories from the day hubs let me know he and the three oldest found an awesome place to eat lunch (Red Tail Grill)
and we made plans to eat there together the next day for lunch while we were out skiing. It was a wait but totally worth it. As girlie had been there the day before she was able to proudly talk me through the process from where we would put our helmets to where the bathrooms were located.
-The big mister and I conquered skiing the 'big one' I was afraid of 2 years ago; Echo. And as it turned out that was HIS favorite run by far; Kokopelli to Echo to Flume to Willow Draw. When he would want to go down that way he'd request, " lets go on the really long run."
-Hubs, our oldest, middle son and girlie LOVED Docs run the best. I thought I would be able to muster up the courage to go down it once but maybe next time...


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