Oh, the decorating. 2012

It started this year for me before Thanksgiving. The (2 youngest) boys had their tree up in their room first. Then it was girlies and the Great Room tree. I pulled out the village and started to make the mantle. Worked on the front foyer and dining room a bit. It was all done and ready to go except the Basement 'Santa' tree and our oldest sons room tree. Our oldest refused to let those come out before Thanksgiving. I was okay with that...

But imagine my surprise when I took our 10 year old middle son to get his haircut this weekend...
He sat in the chair and the hairdresser asked him, "so is your house all decorated for Christmas?" "No." he stated. "It's not??" she asked followed by, "not a tree or anything??" "Well, yeah. But it's not really decorated much." I HAD to ask, "what more do I need to do to the house to make you think it's decorated???" I asked with a bit of a laugh. He looked at me while the hairdresser paused looking my way also. "We need stuff coming off the ceiling and hanging on the walls."

Oh. (LOL)



  1. As always, I love your home. One day I'm going to come over and sit on that couch and take in that view! I love the JOY tag. I love that we have the same ornament. I adore your guy's interpretation of how your house should be

  2. Your house and decorations are simple and beautiful and so cozy! Alex is the same way! He always asks if we can get more lights! And he's the same at Halloween, saying our house needs to be 'scarier'! ;-)
    I have scaled back on holiday decorations over the last few years due to traveling and having Elizabeth...I don't enjoy taking it all down and putting it away! :-\ Happy Holidays!



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