My little drummer boy~

after having a quick dinner
of Steak-n-Shake on the way home from school
I helped our little drummer boy
get in his fancy black and white outfit 
for his first band concert.

The night before I had had hubs tie his tie just in case he
 didn't make it home in time
to do that before our middle son and I had to leave.

 We left his tie hanging
loosely on the hanger his shirt was on. It was ready to be
slipped over his head and tightened.
It worked out perfectly.

I had him across town in rush hour traffic with time to spare taking our daughter with us
and leaving hubs home with our littlest who would join us an hour later for the performance.
(our oldest had a physiology test he stayed home studying for.)

Although he had admitted to me in the car he was nervous he settled in quite nicely 
and I found him joking with his friend before the concert.
(he's to the right of the big red drum.)

He came and sat with us after his performance and while we
finished out the night watching the High School Band.
He said his nerves quickly went away.

On the way home I said, "that certainly made me feel more like Christmas."
And he agreed.


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