Taking a look back at this week through the lens of my cell phone.
In a week:
Last Friday, the mister and I had the basement tree to decorate. First things first: 
we had toast and tea in front of the tree...
(Our middle son was also home from school with a cold and helped a tiny bit.)

Our stockings were found and hung in the Great Room~
(miss asked why we call it the Great Room when really the Dining Room 
should be called that because it's the prettiest!)

Prepping the veggies for Hamburger Vegetable Soup to feed my never ending cold.

A new session of figure skating for miss and hockey for the mister started this week.
Their practice is at the same time for the first time which is challenging and somewhat easier~

Mom and I went to our annual favorite Christmas party~

Morning play time in front of the basement tree...
The mister organizing his barn; NASCARS, horses and hay. 

Bought and tried a new coffee creamer. 
(I never ever use coffee creamer but this cold had me craving weird things.)

Wrote a gingerbread story for a sweet friends Kg. class and it's ready to print and mail.

Outside play time with my mister with warm enough temps this week for no coats!!

Attended our 10 year olds fifth grade Christmas Band concert last night.
His first one and he was nervous but I wasn't.

I'm feeling a bit better today then yesterday however, I just got a phone call from the school nurse our 10 year old is needing to come home... He has the same cold. It's a bad one. :(
Looks like we will be having another low key weekend.  



  1. The weather is crazy! I want a little bit of snow! Sorry you have another sick one at home :-( I can never tell if mine's a cold or allergies? I've been wanting to make vegetable soup too, sounds so good right now! And I've been having an aversion to coffee since being pregnant, I can't stand the smell when Dan makes it! Weird! I've just been having hot chocolate each morning. Hope everyone is able to rest and recover this weekend! Enjoy your beautiful great room and every pretty room in your home! :-)



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