I'm 38.

The mister blew out the candles and I didn't mind at all!
(I'm not 29 again or 64. Ha!)
We went to Mom and Dad's (Nana and Papaw's) for my 
birthday celebration last night.
It was warm enough to grill out.
Mom remembered on the day I was born it was 70 degrees.
She had made 2 pies to take to her mom's while she was laboring.
Because it was Thanksgiving Day all the family from both sides came to the hospital to visit 
me as they were in town~
This year on my birthday as we were driving to school I announced it was my birthday to the 3 kiddos in the car.
Miss was the first to respond,
"what are you now, 40 mom?" 

It was our oldest who nicely added to the conversation that 
I don't look "40 something at all... just like Nana and Papaw. You look younger than your age."
Miss chimed in, "yeah, Nana looks like 40 something."



  1. Look at that happy face. I'm glad you had a great birthday celebration and I pray 38 is good to you ;) The words of your kids are so sweet!

  2. Don't you love their perspective on age. I hope 38 is a blessed year.



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