Countdown to Christmas continues~

the twinkle lights from the basement tree look so pretty reflecting off the window this morn
I picked up our youngest, the big mister, one day last week as his blanket was fresh out of the dryer.
He gave me Eskimo kisses in return for a fresh blanket.
I think to myself,
it's going to be soon that I'll have my last time of lifting him up on to my hip...
I'm reminding myself again to celebrate the 'lasts.' 
That Big Mister is sleeping in.
He came to me in the wee hours of the morning.
There he stood at the doorway peeking in at me while I peeked at him.
It was dark and he couldn't see I was awake.
I motioned for him to come
and as he did he said in a defeated way,
I accidentally wet my bed.
I asked him where his wet jammies were as he climbed up and over me 
to lay in the middle of the bed between hubs and I.
 I lay there as quiet as I could
thinking about getting up to do the wash once he fell back asleep.
It didn't take him long and instead of getting up to do the wash
 I realized it was time to get up for my morning cup of
coffee before I woke the kids for school. 
2 weeks from today and it's Christmas! I'm excited and nervous all at the same time
however, I'm not overwhelmed.
It will all come together. It always does.
the boys are awake now, my sleepy head mister and my recovering from sickness buddy


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