Post Election

The (full) moon coming up and over the trees across our water.
I set up the tripod and tried my best to get a picture.
Of course that moon has come and gone.
Now we are on time change week.
I fell sound asleep last night in my bed at 9 p.m.
I completely missed the election coverage from then on.
I'm not sure what time hubs and our oldest made it to bed but
the first question our oldest asked as we pulled out of the 
drive for school was, "who won."
When I  told him 
he asked, 
"are you sure???"
I told him to turn on the radio for the news coverage and we
(the 3 school kids)
and I listened intently the entire ride to the bus stop...

I'm stunned.

When our big mister woke and found me in the kitchen this morning
I told him 'our guy' didn't win.
"How could that happen?"
was his first question~

My favorite hockey boy insisted on putting his 'I voted' sticker on his helmet.
This is a picture I uploaded to the app Instagram...
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