It's that time of the week again to take a peek at our week looking at nothing but cell phone pictures...

Friday field trip with my girlie and her first grade class to the Children's Museum.

The last load of football laundry from my #15.

 Saturday dinner out at Ted's.

Wreck It Ralph with the 3 youngest.

Owl face on mister as I'm going through girlies papers.

Late night homework for girlie while I watched from bed.

Sunset over the harvested field.

Date night dessert.

Sick doggie.

What a week!
We started last weekend with our last HS football game of the season.
Unfortunately, our oldest sons team lost the last game of the sectionals by one touchdown.
The following morning we had a celebratory end of a good season surprise brunch. 
Saturday night we had a family meal out before our oldest went to a party while hubs went hunting and I took the 3 youngest to Wreck it Ralph. They liked it and I thought it was okay. Our youngest said, "they should have shown it was a little scary in the previews."
Sunday was a work day for church.
Monday as I went through the kids take home papers from the week before the big mister really liked girlies owl she had made and tried it out with voice effects.
By the evening I was feeling wiped out! (the time change)
So girlie had a project that she remembered after I had tucked everyone in bed...
I had her do it on my floor as I stayed in bed.
Tuesday I was still dragging and was asleep early before I even knew who won the election.
Wednesday was NO Homework NIGHT!! (our favorite)
AND early sunset. (5:30 with the sun on the horizon is just weird.)
Hubs and I went on a date.
Thursday we woke to a sick doggie. He has a sore on the side of his ribs 
and I think he's running a fever.
Hubs kept a close eye on him and called from work to check up on him.
After the kids came home from school and he was still not acting right
I took Hershey to the vet with Hubs meeting me there.
He's on an antibiotic and the Dr. asked us to keep him from a lot of activity for
2-5 days until his side wound heals...
(the kids are glad 'he's gonna make it' and the Dr. says he'll return "to the live-wire he is in no time!")

It's Friday!
I'm looking forward to a 'low key' weekend.


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  1. Wreck it Ralph totally creeped Eowyn out. I even went to a trusted movie review site and I feel they should have stressed the creepy factor...ugh.



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