We caved.

Shining bright through the kitchen window.

So this week.
It's a #hungerproject for church.
This is a project to increase awareness of the injustice of hunger in this word.
It's a challenge to eat rice and beans every day for a week.
all day
After church on Sunday while we were eating brunch out,
it was decided as a family we would modify it...
Rice and beans for dinner every night for a week.

I was slightly not liking the idea and voiced it reminding
hubs we had plans to run in the
mini marathon this coming weekend.
One of the biggest things every runner that writes or tells how to do a mini or marathon
expresses the importance of not making any big diet changes the week before.

Monday night it was rice and beans.
I couldn't eat it.
I took one bite and spit it out.
Everyone else ate it.
I decided in my mind I just wasn't going to eat at all~

i had a bologna sandwich with extra mayo

Tuesday I set out the jar of navy beans and rice on the counter early in the day.
It wasn't sitting well with me and I seriously was nauseous all day.
This awareness thing I think I get it.
It took me one day.
We live SOOOO differently in America.

Last night as I picked up our oldest from football practice
the first thing he asked as he entered the passenger side door
and before the door was even closed,
"what's for dinner?"
"Rice and beans," I say without any emotion.
"It's max week this week in the weight room. I tied for third in the high school for max squats...
It's also Tuesday, hard practice day for football."
I just sat quietly and listened and asked him how much he squatted and benched.
Our American life.
I thought to myself there is no way I'm going to feed him rice and beans.
He probably burned 10,000 calories today. Easily.
"Mom, can we eat something else."

We got pizza and pasta.
I feel a bit guilty.


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  1. Shoo that's not from Him. I believe you have clear awareness and perhaps there's another way your family can take action. Feed those who can't feed themselves, sacrifice treats that others are not able to have, adopt a family for the holidays. As an aside...I love red beans and rice!!!



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