It's Friday... Time to take a look back at this week looking at nothing but cell phone pictures:
a link up
 the color on Friday the 12th of October
 working out a disagreement
 new stuffed animal, Max, came in the mail
 morning; cocoa and coffee
 front door
tea time
planning a race

the difference a week makes; Friday the 19th of October

Yeah! It's Friday and Fall Break!!
This week went quick.
Last Friday was the final game of the regular season for our oldest sons football team.
It was cold and rainy and looked much like today looks however the leaves that had changed last week mostly fell off the trees this week.
Saturday was a relax at home kind of day for the morning and then in the afternoon we left our oldest home to nap in a quite house taking the 3 youngest jean shopping for hubs. The kids all helped run jeans back and forth to the dressing room until we found just the right ones. Then we hurried on to see the movie Hotel Transylvania.
Sunday was church, brunch and home to relax with Nana bringing us a pumpkin pie!
Monday mail was exciting for the mister as we received a penguin stuffed animal. 
(he's slept with it every night!)
Tuesday. Our 10 year old was up late doing homework and I promised him hot cocoa when he woke the next morning. The first thing he said to me when he woke was, "hot cocoa."
(it was a late night with hockey, figure skating, football and then dinner out
as hubs was working late late late; also the night we gave up on the rice and beans.)
Wednesday. Oh Hershey. We've got to have the dog fence company out to re-route our underground fence. Hershey has torn threw WAY too many packages left at our front door. His most recent was some surgical supplies hubs ordered; super HIGH priced items. Thankfully, Hershey only got through one layer and the supplies were quadruple layered. 
Thursday was a no school day. I was able to spend the morning with our oldest
 and then the late afternoon with our daughter taking her to tea and crepes. So cute and fun.
I'm hoping the rain holds off for our football game tonight...
we are taking the family. 
(our oldest said yesterday, yeah everyone will be there it's sectionals!! And we will rain or shine.) 


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  1. So many thoughts...your home is so welcoming, I want to have tea with my Mary Ella, I love Nicholas' dimples (LOVE!), you mothering is so inspiring to me!



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