Taking a look back at this week and the cell phone pictures I took but didn't post on Instagram...
(I'm amyhersheyskisses on instagram if you want to follow my feed!!)

Taking turns : Saturday Road Trip with my 3 sweeties
Sleepy heads : Driving through downtown Sunday afternoon
 Hockey team : 5 from the front is the big mister
Fall Picnic : Neighbor friends
 Happy Faces : after school pick up (big mister MISSES them)
 Surprise for momma : don't look, it's a surprise
Jammy day : Girlie's class earned a jammy party for today!

And my favorite cell phone picture from this week:

...the big mister doing a little late night Dr. Seuss reading in bed.
Such a fun week.
We had an impromptu meet up with 2 intranet
friends that was totally planned
Friday night as I headed to our oldest
sons football game.
Saturday morning the 3 youngest and
I traveled to Newport Levee and had fun
at the Newport Aquarium with

Beka and Cathy along with their sweet kids.

Sunday was our middle sons last football game of the season and the play that brought me to tears was the scoring of their first touchdown!!

Monday is clean the house day and by late afternoon the big mister requested a bowl of popcorn and a movie... it felt good to sit down!

Tuesday hockey is a hoot! Big mister is doing great and this week he is being 'tested' to see if he can move on to the next level. :))
Girlie is also being tested for her figure skating class and the skating is much more serious during her hour of class. This week while the big mister was watching he asked Daddy why the girl skating looked so sad. Daddy explained that was her serious look-

Wednesday is no homework night and that makes for big smiles when we are reunited.

Thursday I had girlie stay home because she (and I!) had been up for 1/2 of the night while she couldn't breath with this cold. While I was in the shower the 2 littles decided to make a surprise for me. :))

And today, Friday!!
It's a great day for girlie as she wore he jammies and light-up slippers to school.
Our oldest has their last game of the season before sectionals... 
I let him sleep in yesterday to help keep him healthy and strong.
On the way to school he dried his gym shorts in the most convenient way!!
(silly me for picking up his laundry off the bathroom floor
and throwing it in the wash when he really needed those shorts again!)

Have a good weekend!!


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  1. What a lovely week. Still sad that I missed the outing. There will just have to be another! Hope that cold is gone! Have a wonderful weekend...stay warm.



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