Found his sport.

Oh the days of a short school week are full. While we had a 'big' homework night last night the mister sighs loudly at the kitchen table over his bed time snack while I'm quizzing our 10 year old over his 5th grade History, when is it gonna be summer vacation! He's had that thought twice in a week...

Yesterday while he was at the dentist for a routine check up (his first visit!) the dentist asked the mister how old he was. "Five," he says with a little giggle. The dentist went on to ask, "Five!? Are you in school?" "Nope. I'm not gonna go to school." "You're not going to go to school? How are you going to work that one out?" "I'm not going." "OH. Okay." The dentist looks at me and I just say, "you know, he will probably be my one that will be in school for 25 years." So the dentist looks back down at the mister and asks, "are you going to be one of those that gets two PHD's??" The mister looks up while grinning showing off his dimples and simply replies, "maybe..."

Tonight is Hockey night for 5 year old mister and figure skating for 7 year old miss. Although the mister prayed last week that he wouldn't be nervous for practice, it is something they look forward to almost as much as summer vacation.

The mister already woke once this morning while I was doing the morning drop off for the school children. Hubs asked after I had been home awhile where the mister had gone off to. I told him I hadn't seen him yet today. Hubs said, "Yeah. he woke and headed upstairs." "YOU lost our son?!" I asked, teasingly as I raced hubs back to the misters bedroom to find him. He wasn't there. I found him in our bed:

Probably dreaming of hockey or summer.

"I think he found his sport," my dad said as he watched the video of hockey from last week.
The mister is at the end of the rink and skates back to the other side while maneuvering through the other kids, sits on the bench, looks directly at his coach and says, "I did it!!"
(he's begged to play since he was three, I'm happy he's loving it.)


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