Fall has come.

I've been to the grocery store 2 weeks in a row now
hoping to get to the pumpkin patch
before the next grocery stop comes.
Although I have no complaints,
it's the football on the weekends that keeps getting in the way.

The kids (miss and our oldest) say we don't need
to do the pumpkin train this year just 
drive to the orchard or even the patch right around the corner
from our house and that will be just fine.
Miss says riding on the pumpkin train is boring
just like she says school is boring or riding the bus is boring or last nights family bed time prayers were boring and sometimes 
she just stands looking around and sighs, I'm bored.
(it must be a first grade trend!)

I'm enjoying the pumpkins I've picked up each time I've been to the grocery and now that our 10 year old middle son finished his football season yesterday
that should open up a bit more time on the weekends to fit in some fall.
 (and week nights.)

Fall, here we come!


1 comment:

  1. Poor little miss and her boredom. I hope you make it to the pumpkin patch soon.



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