Fall; simple.

The 'fall' table has been set. Black placemats with bright orange pumpkins with the words trick-or-treat written across them. Stepping a bit out of my decorating comfort zone I let girlie talk me into buying them while we were making a quick run through the Kohls to get much needed hand towels and wash cloths for the kitchen. One morning last week as I was walking out of the clean kitchen I stopped and snapped a quick picture... The placemats were in the 'wash room' as girlie calls it and the table looked so simple.

The kitchen was clean only to be dirtied again shortly after the picture was taken. After all I had a husband that called from Meijer the night before as he had stopped to buy coffee beans asking, "hey they just got the biggest delivery of pumpkin you've ever seen... do you want me to get some?" I asked for 6 cans. He came home with double that. I made a pumpkin pie (my first!) following my mom's recipe. It was scrumptious and as hubs left for work the next day he asked what pumpkin treat he would be coming home to. I set the butter out for pumpkin cream cheese muffins only putting it away a few hours later when i realized time had gotten away from me.

I just put the can of pumpkin away that had been taunting me from the counter to bake something all weekend. Instead of baking I finished putting the alphabet wall up in the younger boys room...

It's a three day school week for fall break!
AND I bet the leaves are off of the trees by week end.


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