Bed time.

We just walked in the door from a dinner out on a school night. That rarely happens but I couldn't let another week go by without celebrating good report cards.
Instead of the, straight to bed and no books tonight because its already past our bed time, I let the mister choose 3 board books. He ended up coming to bed with 4 and I didn't mind. We read his favorite last, JAMBERRY, and as the story ended he said, "I wish I had that much." (berries; he loves berries!)
I don't even remember when 'boy time' started. It's a time he and I have every night. It starts right after I do 'girlie time' with our miss. She's always first while he's always second and that's how it works best. It's a book (almost always a Bible story for girlie) followed by snuggle time.
Then just like that they're asleep. And some how I've found myself falling asleep with the mister less and less...


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  1. You're such an awesome mom! It encourages me to have more moments like this with my two.



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