A Halloween without any tears.

I really do believe that this is a first...
Ten, seven, and five must be great ages for Halloween! First, nobody disliked their costume. Second, after going over the trick-or-treating rule, (you get what you get and you don't throw a fit... also explained as be grateful for what you receive and don't state aloud that you don't like it!) the kids all enjoyed running from house to house. I only had to correct our ten year old once when a teenage girl answered the door and instead of saying trick-or-treat he said, "give me some candy!!" Third, we made it through the entire neighborhood without my having to carry somebody. Fourth, after bringing the candy home and dumping it out on the table they each had a few pieces and stopped without my having to take it away. Fifth, they went straight to bed without bouncing off of the walls and fell asleep without asking for anything. No second bed time kisses or extra back scratching, not an extra story or an extra drink. The mister did take his favorite treat he received down to bed with him... the croutons from Nana.


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