New Recipes

We sit down to breakfast this morning the 5 year old big mister and I side by side. "Mom. I want your star toast." I had already made my 'regular' toast so I simply grabbed the star cookie cutter and pressed down gently pulling the crust away... My thoughts drift to the evening before.
It's half time at our oldest sons football game. The kids are gathered around me (my three plus two more) eating some snacks. One of the children gingerly looks into my 'mom' bag  while saying, "mmm. that looks good." I offer him a water bottle and some red twizzlers. He is happy and exclaims, "your mom's nice!!" The kids are happy to hear that and nod or say uh-hu while smiling. The big mister speaks up though and says, "she's real nice and she even makes new recipes!!"

It's Wednesday!! That means a no homework night and early evening home from practice. I'm going to work on organizing the craft stuff and maybe try to create a new 'homework central' space in the basement area by the computer desk. I've had an idea floating in my head with a torn out magazine picture on the computer desk of just how I want it to all work out. It's 3 weeks in to the school year and it's time; last night it was our 10 year old digging through the drawers trying to find a ruler and our oldest coming to me after I had gone to bed wondering where his colored pencils were... 

It's time I find some new recipes too. I don't want to disappoint. ;)


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