Day to day.

Smack in the middle of the week last week we had the first of 'school sickness' come to our house.
This time it was our middle son. 
He was fever(ish) upon waking and no school for him for 2 days.
I've come to find it doesn't matter how old they are or aren't it
takes a lot out of a momma when you have one not feeling quite right...

Girlie lost a tooth last night.
The one she could twist almost all the way backwards and leave it like that
completely grossing Collin out on the bus.
"Collin will be glad to see I've lost my tooth,"
was the first thing girlie said shortly after it came out.

The tooth fairy left a dollar under her pillow just before she was to wake this morning for school.
Hubs was home late last night after I fell asleep and I had to raid his wallet this morning for a dollar only to find there wasn't one. Thankfully he has a 'secret stash.'


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