Summer Nights

You wanna pillow fight?? 7 year old girlie asks her 5 year old brother.
Mom says that's too dangerous~ 5 year brother old answers.

As I overhear their summer eve play time contemplation I think back to just the eve
before when 5 year old brother was pillow fighting 10 year old brother;
the 5 year old still has a slight red mark from the pillow zipper~
I called pillow fighting too dangerous then and brought a quick halt to the game.
(with a gentle reminder to 10 year old brother that he has grown much stronger than he use to be)

The hot air ballon travels slowly over our house just after evening bath time.
Hubs and I are talking on the phone as he is just pulling
in the neighborhood after a long
day at work.
Come outside you'll see a hot air ballon right now over our house...
he tells me.
The 5 year old mister fresh out of the tub with jammies on 
and I run down the drive to see it better.
I wish I could be in it,
5 year old mister dreams aloud.
I wish he could too.
When his 10 year old brother was 5 (I think 5) he went up in one with our oldest who must have been 10 then. I can't believe I let them do that


It's morning now and I'm telling the 2 littles not to throw marbles at each other.
10 year old is woken by their silly play and laughter.
You guys woke me up are the first words out of his mouth.
(our oldest has said this is the summer he can't sleep past 9 for all the loudness 
coming from the morning play time)
Girlie decides to play with the marbles in a different way
 after I asked her to put them back on the marble maze.

I can't believe our summer nights (and morns) are coming to a close.


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  1. where has all the summer gone, bloggy b? mercy. what fun, huh? how old do our children have to be to {FINALLY} think that sleeping in is a good idea?! ;)
    <3 <3 <3



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