It's Friday! Time to take a look back at our week viewing it through our cell phone pictures~
(I'm amyhersheyskisses on the instagram app; love uploading pics through the week there too!)
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Funny thing is I routinely take most all of our pictures now with the cell phone.
It's easier. It's always on me. And I fell like the pictures are more candid; something I like...

So this week was our final count down until school days!!
I had an incredible nesting urge.
With the exception of taking our oldest to and from football practice 
each late afternoon, we mostly hibernated at home.
Lots of game playing, lego time and just enjoying the house mixed in with getting things done...
The 2 BIG projects this week:
The laundry and the yard~
 I started the laundry on Saturday and by Monday it was done...
I had to make a quick run into Wal-Mart to buy hangers after football one eve 
just so I could finish putting it all away!
(great feeling! but don't be too jealous there are 3 loads on the couch right now staring at me to fold)
The yard. With the extra help of hired help mixed in with efforts from hubs and I we have a new magnolia planted, weeds pulled, fresh mulch, dead flowers pulled (we still have two thriving pots) and fertilizer down. Somehow I twisted my ankle though (I think mowing) and I haven't ran since yard work day. Fingers crossed I can run tomorrow... race day (all women's mini) is in 2 weeks.
Our kids are 'almost' ready for school. 
We headed out last night during football practice to load up on the school supplies...
And yesterday was the big day to find out who the kids have this year for their teachers.
WE are so excited.
I had to make a final count down calendar!!

Have a good weekend.


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  1. love the candid shots, and that yellow candle....i can feel the house warming welcome over the internet :) happy weekend to YOU! the countdown til the end of summer has begun
    <3 <3 <3



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