Alone time.

To be five years old missing the cut off for Kindergarten by 18 days and to be the baby equals one more year with momma all to yourself while the 'big' kids go to school. "Just one more day and it's going to be you and me!" I excitedly tell the big mister yesterday. He thinks about it and grins just like he did this morning when he woke asking if any of his brothers or sister were home and he found out they weren't. It is a special time for us. Longer snuggles on the couch. A slower pace to get ready for the day. Toys and games shared without anyone begging for attention else where. WE are missing the 'big' kids of course however savoring this alone time.

... as hubs says I lead a life of "leisure and luxury" and he can't wait to find out what I break today! (yesterday I broke the lawn mower!)

This [alone] time, it came much faster than I thought it would.



  1. I'm crying at your sweet words. I know you will both cherish this year together. I wish we could bottle up these days! Enjoy your boy:).

  2. Hi Amy/my new pen pal :)
    Your littlest here is adorable! I'm sure that is some very sweet time spent together.

    Can't wait to get to know your more!

  3. I hope you two have a great day of "leisure and luxury" or as you probably call it, cleaning the house. ;)

  4. Aww- we miss the 'big' kids too, and I miss our fun little afternoon getaways with them after preschool and kindergarten. It goes so fast. But having that alone time with the youngest is so special. :-) enjoy your will give you more time to fix the things you might break! ;-D

  5. how sweet! enjoy your time with just your lil man :) i love his hair in this pic



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