All about me.

"You took a picture of our old family?? And it was Christmas!"
The big mister is looking over my shoulder and I'm cutting the picture we used for our Christmas
card this year so it will fit just so
on the 'all about me' page miss will be turning in for school.
The box is little and miss really wants a real picture instead of her drawing our family.
Her teacher had said they didn't have a right or wrong way to do the project and 
of course they could have help from mom or dad~
I needed help as I was printing the picture to make it just the right size and thankfully
it was our oldest to the rescue to figure that part of the printing process for me...

It's nonstop all evening long with 3 in school.
I go from one request to the next~
Mom, do you know where my new package of pens went?? They were on my desk in my room~
I want my hair in braids before I go to sleep, mom.
Are you going to my game?
Mom, I need you to sign this paper.
And do you know where my cleats are?
Do you think you can put my jersey and game pants in the dryer before you go to bed?
Will you pack a lunch for me? (followed by a thanks, mom!) 

And today I failed to let our 10 year old know he wasn't to ride the bus home...
I caught the error just in time and sprinted to the bus area just before they left the school!


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  1. mercy. i'm learning the more i have i school the crazier it gets! what're we going to do when all 4 enter the school world? :) lol. have a sweet day!



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