Summer summer summer.

It rained two full days while we were on our beach vacation due to 
tropical storm Debby.
Thankfully for the South Carolina beaches it was just a couple days of rain.
I left the week feeling an all day at our pool was in order.
I told mom as we drove home that was just what I planned to do-
Each day last week a pool day was on my mind...
Today we (the 3 youngest ones and I) did just that.
It was all kinds of wonderful.
On Monday the restaurant adjoining the pool is closed so that keeps the pool numbers down.
We practically had the pool to ourselves.
I got in and swam a bit too.
And when I wasn't swimming I was reading the same book our 
10 year old is reading; he's sharing with me.
During adult swim he would take the book to the corner of the pool to sit in the shade and read.
He finished the book and then he was ready ready to head home!
I can understand why now.
It's that good.

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