Cell phones.

Cell phone picture January 2012
Boyne Mt.
Girlie trying to weigh down her sled in an
effort to beat me down the hill!
With the exception of our oldest, today we all woke having the post Fourth of July blues... With our town having a fireworks ban due to dry weather conditions the kids were not quite themselves. Hubs and I decided to take the kids boating/tubing to cheer them up. For most of the morning and into the mid afternoon we practically had the (shallow) lake to ourselves. As we were pulling our boat into the dock I climbed to the back of the boat waiting until we were just close enough to the dock for me to jump. I jumped. I missed the dock, screamed and landed in the water. As hubs pulled the boat back around he first yelled, are you okay?? I was laughing so hard I could only shake my head yes. His next question, do you have your phone?? I did. It was still in my pocket and soaking wet. It's drying out (hopefully) in a jar of rice. (an internet idea, we'll see how it works...) I wish I had backed up all the pictures I'd taken on it since spring break...



  1. I'm sorry about your phone but glad that you're OK. That is such a bummer about your fireworks :( Next year you should just come to my house and we can see them from my driveway.

  2. Oh no! I was wondering why I haven't seen you on instagram. Hubs dropped his in water a few weeks ago and had to get a replacement. Sorry about your pics. :(

  3. That's a big bummer! I've heard the rice idea works too! We planned on going to Boyne MI on spring break this year, but not enough snow! Now no rain here for fireworks! Crazy weather this year! ;-( good luck with your phone!



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