Summer Break

Without looking at my calendar I'd say we've been officially on summer break for 2 full weeks now.
The kids and I have some what adjusted; that first week is always hard. 
Add into the 'normal' mix of summer break we've also had this ongoing remodel in the kitchen
(where you know I spend the bulk of my time!)
and down the hall leading out to the garage.
So retraining the kids to come in and out of the front door was one of the first summer breaks 'how to.'
 And while I'd like to say I've made our summer bucket list it's this whole remodel thing that's deep down holding me back-
So we've been mostly spending our (week) days looking at the wildlife out our back windows,
doing early morning coloring projects for girlie with occasionally the big mister joining.
 Our late afternoons have been filled with football practice and baseball games.
 I'm longing for some time at the beach but until we can get there we've been canoeing down the creek,
swimming at the new this year (local) pool,
and boating/tubing mixed in with some fishing.
 I've given the big mister a second summer buzz cut on our back porch
some time after this picture was taken~
(his first one was at the salon where I get my hair done)
And Hershey is in desperate need of a summer cut.
But the groceries come first!
I wasn't prepared for how much the kids would eat this summer and I've finally figured out just what 
and how much to buy at the store.
 It's summer break.

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  1. Summer break is such a lovely time. We haven't done our bucket list either but it's on my To Do list for this week! Sounds like you all are off to a fun and exciting start. Once the kitchen is all done you can relax and enjoy it fully :) Love, love the big picture window...I think I could sit there for hours.



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