Taking a peek back at our beach vacation week looking at a few of the cell phone pictures I took~

Last Friday we loaded up the car Nana, the 3 youngest kids and I heading for Hilton Head. 
We were racing Papaw, hubs and our oldest. 
It's usually a 13 hour trip but this year we ran into a lot of traffic and it took us 
2 days with a total of 18 hours. 
(we beat the guys by just an hour!)
Hopefully it won't take that long to get home!
We had a great week playing in the ocean, bike riding the trails and after closing hours the golf courses,
swimming in a pool right in our backyard, (that was a first!) and eating at a lot of 
great new restaurant finds as well as a few of our past favorites.
Time to pack up and head home...


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  1. I'm sorry you had travel issues but so glad you all had a wonderful time. And whoo hoo for beating the boys!!!



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