It's that time of the week again to take a look back at the pictures I captured on my cell phone showing just a bit in the day of our life~

our first 'summer' meal; cheeseburgers, hot dogs, chips and salsa
girlie is officially done with baseball and she has her very first trophy to prove it
a firework show out our back window as we were in the middle of bed time prayers
(I was praying and our oldest said, that's God applauding your prayers!)
the sweet big mister a bit disgruntled that hubs and I were 'out of money' for the concessions stands while at middle brothers ball game
pretty sunset boat ride hubs and I shared alone
a 'princess braid' for our one and only princess
zoo day with shades for our middle one and a popsicle to cool off girlie
a fun couple of hours at Conner Prairie (Historical Interactive Museum) with our middle son taking on the role of a criminal... he played it well!
And finally, wearing out the 2 littles for an 'earlier' than usual bed time with an after dinner roller skating/big wheel walk through the neighborhood
(the bed time has creeped past 10 this week inching closer to 11!)

Have a great weekend!

1 comment:

  1. Our bed times have been getting later and later, no matter how I plan them to be earlier. I love burgers and hot dogs...just screams summer!!! Your little man's face is just priceless :)



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