Here we are with our first full week home for summer vacation behind us! Here is a little peek at our week looking back on my cell phone pictures...
flowers from my next door neighbor,
mister teaching himself to do the back float,
our oldest home from a party and in return for my driving him everywhere home from the party
 all I requested of him was a picture,
the 3 littles after a fun afternoon spent together on the boat,
miss painted and hung a bird house at the beginning of spring...
she is very proud to have 7 eggs laid inside of it,
the 3 boys playing a little ball one beautiful evening,
I got a 3 mile run in one day this week, 
(the other days I did 2 miles; working my way slowly back to another 13.1 miles in 13 weeks now)
made a super scrumptious 'throw a little of this and a little of that' kind of pasta dinner one eve,
And girlie and I ended our week with fresh polish on our toes...
it goes very nicely with jeans and cold cold weather today; 54 degrees. Ha!

Have a good weekend.
Time to relax!



  1. I always enjoy seeing the snipets from the week. Yay for 7 eggs. They must know that she's quite the nurturer! That dinner and those flowers look delightful. Cute girlie and I need to do the same.

  2. what a beautiful flower from the neighbor! glad to know we're not the only ones who have C-rAZY spring weather. 90s one day, 50s the next......and repeat. i'm going to have to remember your photo-opp tactics when my kiddos get older ;)



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