The big mister turns 5!

It's hard to believe that 5 years has already gone by for our family...
 Our sweet big mister was so excited
for his birthday and on Father's Day he knew he had one more day until
what he started calling Nicholas Day!

~after I hung the paper lanterns miss set the table~ 
We ate all of the misters favorites:
chicken, corn on the cob, carrots, mashed potatoes
(I also added squash hubs brought home from a patient fresh from the garden!)
~counting his 5 candles then taking a tiny bit of frosting off the side of the cake~
Before his day I asked him if he wanted to celebrate at home on his birthday or in a few day in Hilton Head as sister decided to do-
after thinking a second he looked at me and asked,
do they have good cake in Hilton Head??
Nope! I told him. He choose to have his party at home.
(that's my boy!)
~making a guess as to what is inside his present~
He only asked for one thing; anything hot wheels!
~sweet little tongue that hung out as he contained his excitement opening his gifts~
As he opened a gift of legos he saw on the side of the box the age 4...
He said he could play that toy because it was his age. Our oldest quickly reminded him he was 5 to which he said in an all grown up voice, yeah I'm five I almost forgot!
~I was glad he was excited when he opened gifts that weren't hot wheels~
~looking so grown up all of a sudden waiting to be sung to~

He's 5 and I didn't cry.



  1. How sweet that cake was the deciding factor...Rondell would be proud. I want his dimple! Happy Nicholas' Day!!!

  2. Big mister is such a great name for him, what a cutie pie! happy birthday (a week late, gasp!) isn't summer fun.....and so not conducive to keeping up the blog?! mercy, bloggy bud. hope you're having another great week



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