Beach Vacation

"Momma, you build sandcastles like you grew up in Florida... did you?!"
girlie asks as I finish up creating her sandcastle world.
I brought along a boat for the moat and an alligator.
She immediately arranges them just how she wants them then fills 
the moat over and over and over until the high tide comes in and washes
the sandcastle out to sea~
The 2 sand buckets wash away as well and I assure the 
2 littles we can buy more at the store. Girlie says choking back tears,
"they won't be the same ones I've had since I was a little girl."
The big mister lay on the beach blanket belly down eyes closed tight beside me as I 
 lounge on the beach chair. He looks up at me and says,
"I'm be-laxing" with a little "ahh" as he shifts a bit.
Our middle son asks me to take him back to the house as I 
go to get our picnic lunch; the beach isn't really relaxing to him...
He'd much rather swim in the pool.
Daddy is back home 'working on [patient] charts' so it's no
big deal for him to stay back while I head back to the
beach loaded down with our picnic lunch,
an extra towel for Nana and 2 boogie boards~  
We arrive home from the beach late in the afternoon just 
before our oldest and Papaw come home from the golf corse.

~I'm glad the 2 days of rain is over~

(instagram photo amyhersheyskisses)


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