It's all I wanted for Mother's Day; a visit to Grandma B.'s house...
This past Friday eve we were triple booked; our oldest had his Spring Choir  Concert, our middle son an 'away' baseball game, and girlie a home baseball game. I went with our oldest keeping us out the latest and arriving home just after 11 p.m. With no baseball games or anything else on the schedule for Mother's Day weekend it was decided I would sleep in a bit and then load the kids up for an over nighter to Nashville to see Grandma. (hubs had to stay home to take care of a patient) The next morning came and Nana decided she would travel along with us. We had a pretty uneventful trip to Grandma's and spent some time with her Saturday eve. Sunday morning and we were planing to make a quick visit leaving Grandma's by noon to make it home in time for the 2 oldest boys to do homework and get ready for the school week... Noon on the dot we left Grandma's with promises of a longer stay next time. 45 minutes into our trip home we got a flat tire. (the tires were a week old!) Back on the road again and not 5 minutes later we  came to a stop on the interstate. We sat and traveled less than a mile in 45 minutes; the interstate had an accident site a few miles up the road and the road would be closed for at least 10 to 12 hours. I wasn't so sure we were going to make it home and after we sat in another traffic jam on a small Kentucky road for 2 and 1/2 hours going less than 10 miles (without food or drinks in the car!) the kids (and I) had a melt down. Three of the kids were crying and I was completely holding back the tears when I noticed the road we had been on for the past hours was called Happy Valley. I said that aloud causing all of the kids and I to belly laugh; our middle son reminded us then that Nehemiah the prophet says in times of trial laughter is good. Oh, so right. We made it home in 12 hours; it usually takes 6 hours~ An unforgettable Mother's Day.


  1. Definitely unforgettable. I ADORE that your son used Scripture as a reminder...priceless. Glad you all are safe and that you got to see your Grandma B!

  2. happy valley.....oh, mercy!! :) glad you were able to see the humor in that and chalk it up to 'unforgetable' what sweet, sweet pics!



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