Summer count down.

It all started for me this week on Sunday night as hubs and I saw the super moon out our back window.  I tried to get my best picture of it but quickly grew impatient as I couldn't get my picture to look just like what I could see. Hubs took over with the camera as I fell asleep with the sick big mister. Today, I stopped long enough to look at the picture.  The moon was huge, and glorious...
 I'm feeling the momma feelings that I get every year at the tail end of a school year and as we are approaching Mother's Day this weekend~ The week went too quickly for us as we spent most of our time making up rained out baseball games for girlie and our 10 year old; finishing end of the year school projects; attending an open house for our 4th grade 'famous hoosier' project; mixed with 2 sick kids for a couple of days and finishing out our week with a stir crazy mom who really needed a trip to the zoo! So, I texted a friend Wednesday eve and we made plans to meet Thursday morning first thing. The kids really could have used an extra day to rest but enjoyed the zoo and friends too!! Today, it's catch up for me before the next end of school year busy week comes... 2 more weeks to go for the boys and one for kindergarten girlie. Summer, I can't wait!

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  1. Things are pretty crazy right now. I had something going on each night this week as well as planning the end of the year school party. I hope I fit it all in. How refreshing for you all to take a little zoo break...much needed, I'm sure.



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