Taking a peek at some of our cell phone pics from this past week; 'instafriday.'
(I'm amyhersheyskisses on the Iphone app instagram; would love to see you!)

I earned the title best momma ever from the mister as we drove through the car wash last Friday.
Saturday was a pool day and I was glad to capture a pic of the mister jumping 
off the diving board... the lifeguards said he has to be able to swim the length of the deep end without his life jacket before he can do it again; he cried huge crocodile tears. Huge.
Hershey cooling off in the kitchen as we've been in the 80's each day.
Yummy side dishes the kids and I prepared to take to Nana/Papaw's house 
as we celebrated hubs 41st birthday.
Picture of my 3 boys in the back of my car. 
(pic taken by Abby, Andrew's girlfriend, and edited by me with the camera + app)
A couple of trips to the ice cream shop.
3 baseball games for our 10 year old this week; won 2 and lost 1.
Bright sunny skies as the little 2 and I played at the park one morning.
 And Nana finally convinced the mister wood bees don't like people!!
They like wood. So now he's okay with them. :))

Happy Friday and Happy Holiday Weekend!!!

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  1. I just love that pic of your boys in the back of the car. It says so much, I can tell your oldest is loving AND playful. Love it!!

  2. pic of the boys = priceless, a couple of trips to the ice cream shop = that's what summer is all about :)



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