Indianapolis 500 Festival Mini Marathon

 We took the kids out to dinner Sunday evening. It was our first time after the mini marathon to be able to sit as a family and talk about hubs and my experience. This was the first mini hubs has ever ran; my third. When I started thinking I could run a mini this was the race I've always wanted to do. I didn't want to do it alone though. And because the crowds of people running are so large I shied away from it. When hubs said after seeing me cross the finish line this past October at the Fort Benjamin Mini he said that he wanted to run the next mini I did with me... The Indianapolis 500 Festival Mini it was and I signed him up before he could change his mind!!
 We trained off and on over the past few months through injuries for each of us and went into the race saying we would walk/run it. In my mind I thought I would take the lead being the 'seasoned runner' and keep us at a good pace probably walking every mile or so... As soon as the start line came
 it was hubs leading me. We ran and ran and ran. I couldn't believe it! Four miles straight without a stop for a drink or anything. As we came closer to the track and just about to our 6th mile we walked a small portion to gain some energy to be able to make it around the whole track running.
We stopped for a restroom break just inside the track and that's when I noticed how 
incredibly hot it was outside... hubs and I were drenched from head to toe. 
I made a mental note that we needed to drink at every drink stand throughout the rest of the race-
 I continually thought to myself throughout the race I just couldn't believe how many people I was running with. I thought the crowd would thin out at some point but it never did.
 We made it around the track to the final stretch just past the finish line when hubs said we had to walk a bit. We walked about 1/4th of a mile until we reached the street again. Again, we were so hot I told hubs at about mile 10 we needed to start drinking 2 cups of water at each water station. I also told hubs I wanted to be able to run the last 3 miles but as we were 11 1/2 miles into it I decided we really needed to stop and stretch if we were going to finish strong... 
And we finished. Together at 2 hours and 47 minutes.
The most hot run I've ever done is what I kept saying at the finish line.
And a big, I'm proud of you, for hubs as he finished his first mini.
He finished it well.
(and he says he will do another one!)



  1. I love this.You two are so cute! Congrats on your third mini.

  2. I'm so proud of both of you. What a wonderful thing to experience together!!!

  3. you guys rock! way to go :) you must've gotten all our 'hot' for the weekend.....we had freezing cold here! have a super day
    <3 <3 <3



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