Favorite Toy

It's where I woke this morning... Beside the mister in his bed with a pile of toys between his wall and the bed. Until yesterday afternoon I had no idea the toys were collecting there. I think the 'toy collection' happened yesterday when I asked him to clean up the basement toy area. I can't be sure though. It just might be a collection of his favorites right now. That's changing just about daily now... Last week for a couple of days the favorite was his baseball bat. The Curious George one. It's soft sided and able to go almost anywhere. (I wouldn't let him take it into the school.) It reminds me of the phase he went through last year carrying his Thomas the Train bag everywhere filled to the brim with Hot Wheels. I'm glad that phase is over!  If I were to ask him what his favorite toy is right now he would still answer his cars. (pronounced c-ahs.) And there isn't a one of those on the floor beside his bed~

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