Oh my boy cracking up as he sits in the very back seat and I get a look in the rear view mirror.
He's listening to hubs and I talk in the front seat as we sit in the parking lot just 
outside of hubs office.
He's growing up right before my eyes and it's a quick snap of a picture like this
that reminds me of that-
We had lunch together, the 3 of us, our 'new' Tuesday tradition.
Hubs use to work closer to home on Tuesday and he would come home for lunch, 
now he is closer to the kids school and I swing by his office after kindergarten drop off.
We had crepes and because the mister had eaten chicken nuggets just an hour before 'lunch' I let him 
order a chocolate and sugar filled crepe with a huge side of whip cream.
As the waiter set his plate in front of him he said,
this one's going to go right to sleep after he eats this.
I thought to myself, no, this one hasn't taken a nap in I don't remember how long...
As hubs and I said our goodbyes and I pulled out of the parking lot 
I sat at the first light as I was heading towards home
 and saw a sound asleep little boy in my rear view mirror.
He slept the whole way home.




  1. what a sweet tradition! lol, can't believe he fell asleep......sounds like a winner lunch to me :) happy weekend sweet bloggy friend
    <3 <3 <3

  2. So cute! I love that you all have lunch on Tuesdays...something to treasure for sure.



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