Rainy Monday.

Cardinal in my backyard shaking himself off~
It was pouring rain this morning as I was driving with my 2 bus stop boys. From the looks of the dark clouds hanging in the sky we (our oldest and I) predicted it would rain all the day long. I had milk to get at the store right after the stop and I did hope it would at least slow down by the time I got there. We made a circle around the city missing the first 2 stops. Our third and final chance was a close one as we saw the bus had a red light and we were able to turn on the green just ahead of it. That kind of car ride keeps our oldest and I right on the edge of our seats. Our 10 year old is just along for the ride and doesn't seem to mind at all. I wonder if he does... The rain nearly came to a stop as I pulled up in front of the Kroger; one of my favorite morning milk run stores. They keep their milk right in front behind the self-check out lanes. Then it's home to 'happy cleaning' Monday. (as hubs says)



  1. Yes they do keep their milk up convenient! Happy cleaning...stay dry :)

  2. rainy (and CRAZY winds) here, too! ahhh, you're Krogerized. lol, we don't have one here but i do love that store. happy cleaning to you. any chance you could come this way next monday? :)



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