I can't believe it's Friday!! If I thought last week went fast, this week went even more quickly...
Here is a look back at our week through the eye of my cell phone pictures!
 Friday, the mister and I were outside for most of the day.
I was pulling weeds as he was playing with a glider plane and Hershey.
We were worn out and I wouldn't have remembered he fell asleep beside me on the 
couch Friday night if I hadn't taken this picture!
 Saturday, girlie was excited to hang her new bird house that she had painted on Friday eve.
 Sunday, our oldest had Abby over for the afternoon; we talked and  it had been awhile. 
(since our oldest ones birthday)
It was nice to have her and we went out for ice cream after dinner.
 Our 10 year old didn't wear shoes as we went on our ice cream outing.
"What?" He asked as I asked him why he didn't wear shoes.
 Monday, girlie stayed home from school and needed lots of extra momma/brother snuggle time.
 Tuesday, was finish up the basement toy organization day.
HOURS of work.
 Wednesday, I can really say Hershey is trained to stay in our yard!! Yeah for the electric fence!
And Thursday, hubs picked the kids up from school and I met him 
at Steak-n-Shake for an after school snack.
(I never never let the kids play any of those games... I tell them it's a waste of money!
However, I do put quarters in my pocket for the bubble gum machines. Ha!)

It's Friday!!
The kids have a 1/2 day of school.
And it's cold. So we'll probably be staying inside.


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  1. Great post! Your children are so adorable! Esp. the 10 year old! Reminds me something one of mine would do :)



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