End of school year count down.

The view to my left this morning as I stood doing a few loads of dishes;
how did I miss doing dishes yesterday?!
The bus stop drive was foggy this morning. On my stressful minute by minute green light by green light (no reds this morning!) I knew I would want to capture a picture of it. I pushed that thought aside as I talked with the boys about proper hygiene. Of course the talk was really for our 10 year old... every boy goes through that phase; needing to be reminded of the daily necessities of cleanliness. 
As we were nearing the bus stop and the talk was winding down we 
all laughed about the way our (two oldest) boys comb their hair.
The morning for girlie was just staring as I pulled in.
She woke a bit earlier than usual and was dressed in her swim suit as I entered the house.
Moma, you said we would leave as soon as I got up!

[We've made a calendar to count down the days until school is out.
Girlie gets to mark off little (and some not so little) activities that we will do to celebrate 
the end of the school year and to help keep her motivated to finish strong.]

Today was a swim at the indoor pool before school.
I said we would leave as soon as you got up thinking you would sleep in a bit longer...
the pool isn't open.
I glanced at the kitchen clock-
We will leave in 30 minutes. That's enough time for you to eat breakfast, and brush your teeth and hair.
And girlie decided that was also enough time to make a batch of pancakes!

Swimming buddies that could also be interpreted as one of the few activities
they do together without competing.


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