Boating Babies

These two have grown up on boating since they were babies and they don't know anything different.

This morning as the sun started to peek out for what looked to be a long moment I told the kids
hurry and eat all of your oatmeal then put on your clothes and brush your teeth then we'll go boating!!
They hurried and scurried doing almost everything I asked them to do and as I headed out to the garage
to gather their life jackets I heard them before I saw them standing in the middle of the drive hunched over a rolly polly squealing in complete joy because he was all curled up.
Momma, did you know rolly pollies curl up real tight?!
The mister exclaimed...
Into the car we settled and the mister looks to his sister asking,
have you been boating?
Ni-ick! She exclaims.
I turn and add,
he means have you been boating yet this season...

We went on a quick boat ride alone on the water on this gloomy Monday morning.
Not a boat in sight. 
Just us racing the geese and blue heron.
We even had a swan come up close probably looking for a hand out, daddy said.
Then it was off to kg. and a work from home Monday for hubs.


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