Over the weekend with all of the rain the water behind the house turned chocolate brown.
It does every spring.
I'm glad I took the blue water picture last week before all the rain came because now that
the spring rains are here the water will stay chocolate brown for awhile.
But what we gain from the rain:
the flowers and the green.
All in a weekend the green is everywhere!
Our weekend.
Just for starters,
Friday night was a late work night for hubs so I took the kids to the 
indoor trampoline for an hour after school.
They came home good and tired. :)
Saturday was the day for our oldest to celebrate his upcoming birthday.
His 'official' day is tomorrow.
He's turning 15.
Drivers Permit time...



  1. Green is really popping up all over and it's wonderful! Happy birthday to your almost-driver :)

  2. driver's permit!! happy birthday to your oldest :) did that cake taste as good as it looks?

  3. Fifteen??? Can it be that we are old enough to have children halfway grown??? You are such a good momma! I hope you all enjoy the birth day celebration!

  4. P.S. did you get a hair cut??? Saw the phone pic on fb and want more details!



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