This past weekend~

I just decided this weekend acts of service are my love language. And having clean windows to look out is probably right at the top of my list of things you can do to make me happy. Thankfully, hubs loves anything to do with cleaning and right at the time that I start to notice the windows getting a bit 'streaky' he notices without my even mentioning and spends a small portion of this past Saturday cleaning. And just like that I'm noticing wildlife like crazy...
Hershey gets loose about once a month, sometimes more often. It's usually really easy to find him as he is just 3 doors down visiting the dogs. Last night we couldn't find him and the dogs weren't out. Hubs and I did a couple laps around the neighborhood with the windows down while I whistled for him and texted our oldest that he was loose. It was our oldest that found him coming out of the woods by Nana/Papaw's house with Hershey just walking up to our oldest like nothing in particular had just happened. You know, another nice evening for a late night walk. Hmm.
We celebrated our middle son's 10th birthday yesterday afternoon with his friends. (he was sick for the original party two weeks ago.) The kids had fun and for the first time that I've been a moma of four I found myself enjoying the party without feeling the least bit frazzled.
We have gorgeous weather here today. I told hubs I might just sit on the couch for the rest of the afternoon to just enjoy the wild life. Ha!

You'll find me instead finishing the laundry pile that sat on the couch all the weekend long...



  1. What a lovely weekend. My love language is absolutely acts of service and I adore how your hubby just knew about the windows and took action! I'm so glad Hershey is safe and funny how he responded like nothing ever happened. Yay for a relaxing birthday celebration :)

  2. amen sister! nothing more loving than your main man engaged in some sort of cleaning! i'll bet spring looks that much better through those pretty windows :)
    <3 <3 <3



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