Spring is here.

The sunrise this morning on the first day of Spring was spectacular.
I stepped outside the basement sliding glass door to capture it making sure not to 
wake the 2 littles still sleeping soundly upstairs.
For the first time in the big mister's life instead of waking to find him beside me
I woke to find him asleep on the couch in the great room with his pillow and blankie.
He's growing up-

Our days have been full spent playing outside until sundown putting the kids 
to bed just after their usual bed time.
Last night after dinner I asked our middle son to join me on
the drive for a game of pig.
"Pig?" girlie asks and adds, "don't you mean horse?"
The 3 of us went outside to play pig.
After pig the kids went about playing while I stood and watched not believing yet again
just how fast time has gone-
I daydream a minute only to be brought back
as our daughter and our youngest son are arguing a bit as they play basketball.
I step in and ask what the problem is.
Girlie says in a disgusted manner,
"he's trying to tell me I'm cheating and he can't tell me that he's not my coach!"
(I love her and her reasoning!)

Happy Spring. It is here.


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  1. oh, i am just SO excited spring has sprung!! love that we can go play and be outdoors!!

    i've decided to begin a new personal blog now that 'wonder woman wannbe' is now officially retired.

    i found that i was missing the outlet of expression, creativity & interaction that a personal blog has to offer, yet ready for a clean slate. :)

    stop by and say 'hi' once in a while if you like. :)




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