Mother/son conversation.

As we were driving home from school yesterday it came to my mind that I might need to let our oldest know where I put the cereal he and his dad brought home from the store Sunday night. (you know, in case he was hungry when we got home!) So the conversation sounded like this:

Me addressing son sitting next to me in the front seat of the car: Oh, I put your new cereal in one of the glass cereal jars on the counter today...

Son looking at me: Mo-om. Why?

Me pausing a second and looking over at him: Because I like the cereal to look all pretty like that-

Son: But you messed up the distribution of it...

Me (realizing it's Post Raisin Bran we are talking about) reply with a straight face: Oh, yeah... well I ate all of the raisins before I put the cereal in the jar.

I don't think he really believed me but we shared a smile...
I told the kids this morning we will be going to the store today after the afternoon bus pick up to collect items to send to Southern Indiana for the Tornado Survivors... Are you collecting cans this week for the Insta food drive?



  1. haha! LOVE the cereal story :) i took food to church on sunday but forgot to snap a pic. does it count still? ;) i still remember the awful tornado in evansville in 2005.....a little boy from our church died. it was sad to hear of another one in the same area! glad you're passing along food to a place that really needs it. love your sweet heart, amy! <3 <3 <3

  2. Mo-om...what a sweet conversation. I think it's great that you're helping out those that were affected by the tornadoes...that has given me some thought, thank you.

  3. Where are the pick ups for the food drive. I haven't seen one her in my town. Did you get the handy man's number in e-mail?



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